Rock on the Road Academy

Rock On The Road Academy is an immersive creative arts program designed for students to learn and explore the various
opportunities within the music industry.


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Rockin’ The Classroom Makes Sense!

Connection and engagement are
fundamental elements of our program, and we
believe music in education is more important
now than ever both on a cognitive and
psychological level.

Financial Sense

We aim to provide a space that makes the
students and the teacher comfortable. By
creating a safe inviting space, students are
able to freely explore and express ideas.

Recruitment Sense

Encouraging community engagement
through the process of forming a band,
picking instruments, and learning songs

Creative Sense

Giving students the opportunity to learn
instruments and record their favorite
songs and originals no matter their skill

Creative Freedom!

With a full studio setup, students are free and encouraged
to experiment with multiple instruments – from guitars to
bass, drums, and more! As they collaborate together,
students will then utilize the industry-standard recording
software provided to record their own bands, music, and

Project Based Learning

By working on projects, students develop critical thinking, problem-solving, and decision making skills, which are essential for their future success. Additionally, project-based learning enhances collaboration and communication abilities as students frequently engage in teamwork, sharing ideas, and coordinating efforts. This approach also fosters creativity and innovation as students are encouraged to explore different solutions and think outside the box.


Learn through activity


Learn through lecture

Talent Unleashed

The rockstars of this program don’t just stop
at recording! Student bands also have the
opportunity to go on tour and perform shows!
Rocking out in front of their peers and
community, receiving roaring applauses, and
having fellow students asking to take pictures
with the band is what makes ROTRA a one of-
a-kind experience.

Passion Shapes the Future

ROTRA aspires to give students the support they need to discover and grow their passion for
music all while learning through an innovative standards-aligned curriculum. With sites set up
in Florida and Ohio, we are excited about sharing this program and creating an experience
where students can work together for a deeper appreciation of the music industry and a
passion for opportunities that can help shape their future.

Designed for curious students

ROTRA gives students the foundation needed, and
the freedom desired for this course. As soon as
students get to choose their favorite song(s) to learn,
you won’t be able to stop them!

Project-Based Learning

  • Interactive Lessons
  • Fundamental Music History
  • Teamwork Skills, Music Performance, recording and more!


Start Rockin’

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